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If you are new to Firearms, we do our best to educate and prepare you for your interests in firearms. Safety is the most important RULE. Done properly and SAFELY it can be a wonderful sporting activity for all. Serves the lone enthusiast, or hunter. As well as the family, with plenty for all. Start off with your best foot forward for a future of enjoyment, within the shooting or hunting sports.

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Practical Firearms Training

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Introduce your family to a day of firearms education and fun. Sign up for our "Family Firearms Introduction. Get hands on experience with a variety of firearms. Think of it as a day at an interactive park. Learn the safe and proper handling of firearms and their storage as a family. Interested in entering the hunting or shooting sports? We can help you take your first steps with safety and confidence. No matter if you are a budding enthusiast or just seeking a safe and solid education concerning firearms and ammunition for your loved ones. This class will deliver what you need and can be custom tailored to fit your individual requirements. Let us help you create the proper and SAFE environment for YOU and your family. Family rates available for all courses.

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We provide safe and solid fundamental training for those that wish to learn more. Churches, Schools, Organizations, and clubs may apply for group discount classes.

If you desire to exercise you right to carry a handgun, we can prepare you for the permit process. Instructors are certified by the NRA as is the curriculum. CCW classes now forming. Personal Protection in the Home is the next level course dealing more directly with a self-defense situation, in and around your home.

Shooting is fun, let us show you! Classes now forming!

We offer family, group, open class, or private training. All live fire is conducted on our private range. We offer CCW training that more than prepares you for your state permit. Please visit our Course List page for a complete description of our courses. Our goal is to provide our students with quality training at reasonable rates. Instructors are NRA certified.


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